…with a silent “h”

Running 2019

Monthly Log

Month Miles Duration Pace
January 10.1 2:00:02 11:50
February 18.4 3:26:35 11:16
March 31.2 5:20:27 10:17
April 51.9 8:34:57 9:56
May 44.1 7:24:38 10:05
June 32.4 5:24:58 10:02
July 40.2 6:52:13 10:15
August 34.5 5:49:33 10:09
September 29.7 5:01:01 10:08
October 27.4 4:30:28 9:52
November 10.6 1:55:30 10:56
December 27.4 4:42:13 10:18
TOTAL 358.0 61:02:35 10:14

As 2019 began, Kharlie had lost a good deal of fitness from being grounded by plantar fasciitis for two months, and not in the best shape before that. Then came the wintry blast at the end of January. Despite this, he managed to gain some ground with a gym membership, lifting weights and doing run/walk intervals on the treadmill.

Oral surgery on June 5 put running on hold for a couple of weeks, so June mileage was low, but Kharlie managed to get in 14.2 miles in the last three days of the month, despite humid summer weather.

Races in 2019

Arbor Ridge Trail Race (5K)
Robert O Cook Memorial Arboretum
Ice Age National Scenic Trail
Janesville, WI
August 3, 2019 at 8 am
3.11 mi / 41:28 (13:22 pace)

This was my first trail race since 2012.

This race was fun. There were 284 participants, so the place was buzzing. 80 of us ran the 5K; the others ran the 8K or the 16K. ~ After receiving my race packet, I put my race bib on, then walked the rest of the materials back to my van, which was parked quite some distance away. Realizing that the race would start very shortly, I ran back to where everyone was; this gave me a nice warm-up. ~ The race was delayed because people were still picking up their packets at 8 am.

The course was challenging, with lots of hills, a creek crossing, a few logs, and plenty of roots and rocks in the path. Despite the obstacles, an 80-year-old man ran the 5K and finished in 52:12. ~ I managed to pass a few people during the second half of the race.

There was free food and water for the runners. A bluegrass band called Glacial Drifters played music during and after the race.

Surprisingly, I won my age group, though I was actually the youngest in my group. Each winner received a pint glass and a flower. Everyone received a wooden finisher’s medal and a T-shirt.

Bib: 153
Name: Charlie Petitt
Chip Start Time: 08:19:32
Chip Elapsed Time: 00:41:28
Pace: 13:22 min/mile
Division: 5K
Division Place: 36 of 80
Gender: Male
Gender Place: 23 of 35
Age: 61
Age Group: 60-99
Age Place: 1 of 4

Race Photos

Arbor Ridge Trail Race
Race bib, T-shirt design, finisher’s medal, age group award.