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Kharlie Drops Another Album in 2023

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The latest offering from Kharlie M is Especially for Wendi, a 17-track, 57-minute album, which will release on streaming media on Wednesday, December 20, 2023. Kharlie’s most ambitious project to date, it includes love songs written for his wife, Wendi, over more than four decades. Not all of the songs are deeply romantic, though; a few are actually funny! CDs will also be available.

Website Upgrade in the Works

It will be a fairly minor facelift. The logo will not change, but the desktop version will have three columns instead of two. The extra column will feature links to Kharlie’s various streaming profiles and social media pages. A friendlier, easier-to-read font will be used for text. This upgrade will coincide with the release of the new album.

When a Stepping Stone Becomes Building Blocks

October 12, 2023

Eight days ago, I announced that the songs from my 2007 Umm… album would be integrated into upcoming albums instead of being remade into a new version of Umm… Some problems with this have become apparent since then; I will address them here.
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A Change in Plans

October 4, 2023

It was nine years ago today that I started using the stage name, Kharlie M. Since then, I’ve produced three albums: Come On, Kharlie M (2018), The Child in You (2021), and When Love Overtakes (2023). Currently, I’m working on a fourth album, Especially for Wendi. Ten of 13 songs are completed for that one so far.

The only full album done prior to Kharlie M was Umm… (2007) which was done under my given name, Charlie Petitt. Being new to digital recording (and digital composing) at the time, I did a number of things that I would do differently today. For years, I had considered remaking the album; in 2021, figuring that a remake wouldn’t sound much different from the original, I decided to simply reissue the album in its original form.

I’ve learned a lot since then and still desire to remake the songs, keeping the original feel (or at least the intended feel) as much as possible… but…

…instead of doing a new Umm… album, these songs will be integrated into the new albums I still intend to release. Four songs on the original Umm… album were love songs for Wendi; these will now appear on Especially for Wendi and should appear later in 2023. Two will appear on From the Very Heart (or maybe under a different title), two more will appear on Songs in the Key of M, and two will appear on an album of hymns to be done after that. One song originally intended for Umm… but didn’t make it, has already been released on Come On, Kharlie M; that song is “The Passing of Time.”

As much as I enjoy performing for other people, for now my gigs have been limited to open mics, mainly the one at Mocha Moment. Being a caregiver for my wife, Wendi, whose health is impaired by Huntington’s Disease, diabetes, and other ailments, my time is limited for outings, but I am still able to record and release new material. Hopefully in the future, she will be able to attend some shows with me. I love her more than the world and want her at my side, whether I am playing live for you or at home.

New Album Released

When Love Overtakes

When Love Overtakes, a 10-track album of wedding and love songs, was released on this site and on Bandcamp on March 14, 2023. The music is widely varied in style and is suitable for everyday listening.

Three albums of original songs are yet to be completed; recording is ongoing. The next album to be released will be Especially for Wendi, a collection of (mostly) previously unreleased love songs.

New Coffee Variation

Check out the Kharlie ’23, a strong but tasty variation on the original Kharlie M Special.

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