…with a silent “h”

Running 2015

Monthly Log

Month Miles Duration Pace
January 80.3 12:40:13 9:29
February 37.0 5:47:03 9:24
March 65.5 9:40:41 8:52
April 93.4 14:33:18 9:21
May 106.8 17:45:23 9:59
June 63.7 9:29:44 8:57
July 93.9 14:36:53 9:21
August 83.8 12:22:06 8:52
September 83.6 12:04:38 8:41
October 80.4 11:13:05 8:22
November 49.2 6:55:51 8:28
December 38.8 5:35:34 8:39
TOTAL 876.4 132:44:29 9:06

Though my overall distance was lower than the previous two years, my pace still improved. In addition to running my first marathon (a real game-changer for me), I broke my 5K PR in four out of five races. The two 10Ks were a tad slower than my PR from 2014.

Races in 2015

Mushing for Meals 5K
Horace White Park, Beloit
March 28, 2015 at 9 am
3.11 mi / 26:05.60 (8:23 pace)

It was a beautiful early spring day: sunny and cold but with no wind. A navigation error on my part lengthened my distance to 3.2 miles. Still broke my PR from 2013 (I didn’t race a 5K in 2014). Not a bad start to the 2015 running season. ~ Finished 22nd of 113 overall, 18th of 54 males, and 2nd of 6 among males 55-59. Race proceeds went to support local Meals on Wheels.
Rockford Marathon
Downtown Rockford, Illinois
May 31, 2015 at 6 am
26.22 mi / 4:58:20 (11:23 pace)

Medal and necklace worn during the event. The latter was made by my brother-in-law, the late Kenny Phillips.

Ran my first full marathon this morning in Rockford, IL at 6 am. The weather was cool, sunny, and a bit breezy, pretty friendly for running. The course was relatively flat with some gentle hills. Instead of running a faster pace and walking intervals, I started running at a slower pace and ran the whole race (except while eating or drinking). Had to stop 3 times to use the restrooms. The last 3.5 miles were brutal as I was thoroughly worn out. Immediately after the race, I got dizzy; a bit later I threw up. They gave me some water and a plain bagel to nibble on, and I came around pretty quickly. I was even able to eat lunch before leaving Rockford. ~ Would I run another one? Maybe someday, but I’d like to be better prepared. ~ Finished 248th of 300 overall (8 didn’t finish) and 7th of 8 among males 55-59.
Lincoln-Tallman Fun Dash 5K
Lincoln-Tallman House, Janesville
June 20, 2015 at 4 pm
3.11 mi / 25:07.40 (8:05 pace)
I had a blast running this race. The weather was cooler than expected but still quite humid. I wore the full Abe Lincoln get-up until about mile 2.75, when the top hat and beard came off as I was getting too hot. Still, I was blessed with a PR (by nearly a minute!) and my first ever, first-place age group medal! Overall finish was 11th of 61 runners.
Milton Independence 10K
Milton High School
July 4, 2015 at 8:30 am
6.22 mi / 51:13 (8:14 pace)
Nice country course with rolling hills. Temperature was mild but it was humid. I stopped twice for water, drank some and splashed the rest over myself. Time was okay, 40 seconds slower than last year’s PR. I won 4th in my age group.
Run Against Crime 5K
Downtown Janesville
August 4, 2015 at 7 pm
3.11 mi / 24:34 (7:54 pace)
Beautiful evening... ran a steady pace. I reached the turnaround point at 12:16. Third 5K this year and third 5K PR this year. Placed 2nd in 50-59 age group.
Team Hope 5K
Henry Vilas Park, Madison
August 30, 2015 at 10 am
3.11 mi / 26:08 (8:24 pace)
This was a fundraiser for Huntington’s Disease. I was primed and ready for this race, but it felt wrong from the start. By half a mile out, I was out of breath and felt like walking, and now I would have to climb a long, steep hill. I shuffled up the hill as people passed me, and I kept running. After mile 1, no one passed me. I passed four or five people of various ages between mile 1.7 and 2.8 (as near as I can guess; the mile markers were misplaced) and finished fairly strong. Not my best race by far, but still faster than anything I ran prior to this year, so I’m happy. Actually, I was happy just to participate!

High relative humidity and the hills likely contributed to my slow time; also, I didn’t get “into the groove” until about mile 1.5 (again, subject to the markers), so I should probably do some warmup running before 5K races in the future, particularly morning races.

Finished 10th of 29 overall, and 6th of 14 among males (there were no age group listings).

Labor Day Dash 10K
Henry Vilas Park, Madison
September 7, 2015 at 9 am
6.21 mi / 51:27 (8:17 pace)
Warm, humid weather with no rain and no wind (until 15 minutes after I finished). My glasses actually steamed up at mile 5! I was aiming for 50 minutes but figured I would be good to run 52 under these conditions, so I was okay with my time. It was a tough field: four men and two women aged 50-59 finished ahead of me. The leading woman, who was from Tennessee, was flying! Still, a fun race for a good cause: Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center, which helps abused children. ~ Finished 23rd of 91 overall, 18th of 44 among males, and 5th of 12 among males 50-59.
Carbone’s Race for Research
Behind UW Clinics, Madison
October 10, 2015 at 9 am
3.11 mi / 24:02 (7:44 pace)
This race was my best 5K to date, and my fourth PR out of five 5K’s this year. The weather was perfect: 50 degrees with a light breeze. I started at a middling pace and picked up as I went, finishing strong.