The Mmming Report: Local Music News from Kharlie M

Issue #21 — Thursday, November 2, 2017

Kharlie’s Quest for the “Holy Grail”

Beth, I hear you callin’
but I can’t come home right now.
Me and the boys are playin’
and we just can’t find the sound.

~ “Beth” by Kiss (1976)

I may be a solo artist, not a band, but I know the feeling all too well, especially when it comes to recording. People say I have a great voice, but getting it to play nicely on a wide variety of devices, including phones and tablets, is a tall order. I’ve tried for years and have never quite accomplished it to my satisfaction…

…or so I thought. Check out “Autumn Breeze,” track #8 of my May 2016 Sampler, currently on the homepage as a Bandcamp plugin (this is NOT the version from “Umm…” in the Music section of the site). The harp and woodwind instruments were synthed in a program I no longer use, and their sound is somewhat dark, but the audio quality in the vocal is stellar; this has become my new gold standard.

The trouble is that this vocal was recorded years ago, on a different mic, using a vacuum tube preamplifier run straight into my computer’s sound card — a much different setup than I currently use. But I can compare spectra and stuff and do the same thing with my current setup; if this fails, I still have the old equipment! The good news is that as soon as I figure this much out, I plan to get busy recording new material. I also now have 10 great (but old) tracks that can be easily remixed and re-released; all of the instruments are computer-synthesized but can be “freshened up” by using a different synth or even my keyboard.

I know some of my friends have unfinished albums they want to release; if my newfound setup works well for me, I would consider making my recording services available to them for a nominal fee.

Recent and Upcoming Shows

October 28, 2 pm - Elmer and the Ceramic Trees
Paramount Record Shop, 402 E Main Street, Watertown, Wisconsin

November 11, 7 to 9 pm - Prone to Sorrow featuring Mystery Mirrors
Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe, 1859 Monroe St, Madison, Wisconsin
Door charge: $8.00

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(Other methods are strongly recommended, if you can do them.)

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