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Issue #8 — Thursday, February 2, 2017

Downtime Used for Rebuilding Website

I seldom get sick, but I spent the entire month of January afflicted with intervals of irregularity, cold symptoms (nasal drainage, congestion, cough) and a nasty right ear infection that caused some nerve damage, for which I am still on medication. Even as I write this, the ear is ringing, and my voice is not capable of singing. Through all of this, somehow I have kept in pretty good spirits. Prayers and good vibes are certainly welcome.

During my illness, I have focused my efforts on rebuilding the website, managing to unveil much of the site on January 13 and to complete it by January 31. Be sure to check out the Local Links page, the Gallery (new pictures #20 through #40), and back issues of this Newsletter; even my personal Running log appears for the first time.

Spotlight: Candace Griffin

Candace at a gig in Tennessee in July 2016.

A self-proclaimed “Wisconsinite with Southern roots,” Candace grew up in Alabama, listening to classic country, Top 40 hits of the day, Def Leppard, Elton John, and “everything in between.” She moved to Wisconsin at age 13 and started writing music and singing in public soon after.

Candace started playing original music at open mics and has since played in various places in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Tennessee, both as a solo act and along with the award-winning folk-rock band Pancake Riot.

Armed with a guitar and a lot of feelings, Candace has been inspired by other female rockers such as Michelle Branch, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and others to share stories through music. She has released a couple of EPs on Bandcamp:

A Lesson in Keeping Quiet (5 tracks, 21 minutes)
Released June 27, 2013 and remastered in October and December of 2014, these soul-bearing songs illustrate how what we say can sometimes makes others uncomfortable.
The Way Home (7 tracks, 33 minutes)
Released October 21, 2015, these songs are about finding out where you belong, about holding on to those you love, and letting go of places and things that bring you down.

Candace has been busy lately, blessing us with videos of four original songs in January. In some of them, she explains the story behind the song at the end, which is both interesting and intimate, as it reveals her soul.

“Let’s all mess up things and be brave and follow our dreams.” From “Misadventures in My Mind”—you have to watch the entire video to see this.

Each link below leads to a YouTube video.

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