Kharlie M

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The Kharlie M Special

Kharlie’s signature cappuccino

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This delicious drink is basically a mocha blended with sweet spices; it is made with spiced espresso, milk, and dark chocolate syrup. The recipe makes two 16-oz. (475 ml) servings. It can be cut in half for a single serving, but it’s more fun to share!

This recipe is for espresso/cappuccino maker; I also have recipes for stovetop espresso maker (moka pot)), Keurig or single-serve coffee maker, or French press (link to newsletter #21; will open in a new window), though the French press may yield unpredictable results.

What You Need:

Espresso/cappuccino maker
Two 16 oz. (475 ml) coffee mugs

Ground espresso coffee for 4 shots (2 oz. or 60 ml each)
Water to brew the coffee and steam two mugs of milk
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

For each serving:
1/2 or 2/3 cup (120 or 160 ml) milk - newer makers require less
1 tablespoon Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate syrup
2 tablespoons sugar

How to Make Them:

Start by putting half of the espresso into the brew filter. Add the spices and spread evenly across the filter. Then add the rest of the espresso. Secure filter in place.

Fill water reservoir with enough water to brew the espresso and also steam the milk (see machine instructions). Measure the milk into two mugs or frothing pitchers, if you have those.

Brew the coffee and steam the milk (per instructions) to obtain a nice head of foam in each mug. Release the remaining steam from the machine.

To the steam-frothed milk in each mug, add half of the brewed spiced espresso, then chocolate syrup and sugar. Stir and enjoy!

Helpful Tips

This recipe was formulated using a Mr. Coffee espresso/cappuccino maker and Cafe Bustelo or Via Roma espresso. Different machines or coffees will produce different results. I’ve found that Folger’s Black Silk Decaf works well for late-night Kharlie M’s.

1% or 2% milk will produce the best froth, though whole milk produces a richer flavor. Being lactose intolerant, I use lactose-free milk, and it works fine.

Regular chocolate syrup can be substituted for the Special Dark. Just use twice as much syrup (2 tablespoons per mug, or 4 altogether) and half as much sugar (1 tablespoon per mug, or 2 altogether). In our experience, the taste is identical.

No-calorie granulated sweetener can be used in place of the sugar; the taste will be much the same, but the carb count will drop by about 24 grams per serving.

At the Coffee Shop

Ask your barista to add a dash of cinnamon and a smaller dash of nutmeg to an ordinary mocha. The taste will be very close, but there will be a bit of spicy sludge in the bottom. No nutmeg? A bit of vanilla will get it fairly close.

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