…with a silent “h”


Kharlie’s special treat

Photo of cappuccino

Most people love a good cup of coffee, especially in the morning. But I like to go a step further, making coffee a celebration of flavor, a labor of love! Why do you think I’ve put a coffee mug at the top of each page on this website?

The links below lead to recipes for the Kharlie M Special (my signature cappuccino), as well as my take on Raktajino (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and more.

The Kharlie M Special

On our family site, The Oo Kingdom, is a page about the Kharlie M Special (link will open in a new tab or window). It gives a brief history of the drink, then includes recipes for Kharlie M milkshakes (yum!), Kharlie M pancakes, and other flavors of the Kharlie M cappuccino: caramel (or Karamel) and vanilla.

More Coffee Recipes

For more family recipes, check out Yummy Recipes on The Oo Kingdom.