The Mmming Report: Local Music News from Kharlie M

Issue #13 — Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Web Postings

Candace Griffin posted another vlog on May 1: Vlog #2 - “We just say we’re sisters” (11:49). It features her “soul sister” Caitlin who is actually her cousin, but they are very close; it shows them at the Patsy Cline Memorial and is definitely worth watching. But doesn’t the term “soul sister” remind you of a Train song?

On May 15, Candace posted, indicating that she is taking a break from doing videos for a while as her life is quite full. Please give her your support as her page goes quiet for a spell.

The Fur Trade released a new song on May 13 called “Madonna” (YouTube with lyrics, 3:52). With its ethereal arrangement and feel, it’s quite different from his previous work.

The Show Goes On

Prone to Sorrow played a brief acoustic show on May 6 at Bodacious Shops of Block 42 from 6:30 to 7 pm. A full show is planned for May 26.

Mystery Mirrors played a show at Voigt Music Center on May 13 from 1 to 3 pm, followed by Andrus & the Mariners.

The Open Mic at Mocha Moment was a tad sparse on May 17, likely due to the severe weather. There were five performers, but the show was still very nice. Tim hosted that evening; Jesse Ramirez (of Mystery Mirrors) will host the next one.

On May 3, Robbie Haas (Elmer and the Ceramic Trees) and Kharlie M were the only performers; we each did 30-minute sets.

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