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Issue #7 — Friday, January 6, 2017

Kharlie’s One-Song Surprise

Kharlie at guitar

Photo by Jennifer Ruse

Going to an open mic on a cold winter’s night is apparently not most people’s cup of tea; the event at Mocha Moment on January 4 was sparsely attended. Ken, Mark, Jesse, and Jennifer were the only regular performers. I had already told two people I would be there, so I showed up, unprepared and with no instrument, just to listen. Jennifer Ruse loaned me her guitar, and I played the only song I know on guitar: “Windows Have Pains” by Marty Robbins, an old country music artist. I had never played a guitar in public before, but it went well: I nailed all four chords and the vocal, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I am currently rebuilding both and and will relaunch them shortly; you will probably receive a brief email when goes live. More Web content will follow, and new recordings after that.

Life Happens, Then We Live

After all the commotion and hubbub of the Holiday season, and the turbulence that marked the year 2016 (including a ton of celebrity deaths), many of us find ourselves reeling. January becomes a time for curling up on the couch, watching TV, or just sleeping. Beginning new and exciting tasks is difficult. But life goes on, and we look forward with anticipation to better times ahead.

Kat and the Hurricane has postponed the release of her new EP. Her Facebook post on December 31 puts it well:

Facebook post, December 31, 2016

Knowing Kat, this album will be well worth the wait.

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