…with a silent “h”

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The Child in You

Think of it as children’s songs for grownups. Some are actual children’s songs, but most are songs about children, and about life.

This album was released June 14, 2021 on Bandcamp, then here on June 15 and on Spotify and elsewhere on June 16.

The songs were recorded over a considerable span of time; you can view a history here.

Track Listing

(Links go to lyrics pages with full-length audio tracks)

  1. The Child in You (2:33)
  2. The Blossoms of Springtime (2:40)
  3. Spring Awakening (3:03)
  4. Birthday Reflections (3:27)
  5. Maria (1:27)
  6. Dana Leigh (3:01)
  7. Ode to Patricia (2:34)
  8. Born Too Early (4:00)
  9. Bless Baby (2:41)
  10. A Tale of Three Brothers (3:58)
  11. The Flying Apparition (3:56)
  12. My Star (1:38)

Total Playing Time 35:27

Liner Notes

This second Kharlie M album is dedicated to Wendi, my wife and constant companion who keeps me encouraged to do my best work.

“My Star” is based on a poem written by Peg Nelson; all other lyrics, as well as all the music, were written by Charles Dwain Petitt (aka Kharlie M). All performances, audio production, and album design are also by Kharlie M.