Kharlie M

The h is silent; the music isn’t.

Wednesday’s Song

Track #9 of Come On, Kharlie M

Midweek musings about life. In verse 4, “12 September” refers to the day after the so-called 9/11 terror attacks, when the reality began to sink in. It never occurred to me until nearly two months after this album was released, that 12 September 2001 also fell on a Wednesday!

I started writing this song in April 2011, then finished it in December 2017.

In a quaint old city
Neither plain nor pretty
I sing this little ditty
and it’s not too long

It’s been a good life
Just me and my lovely wife
Though it’s been full of strife, well
It inspired this song

Growing up with my mom
During the war in Vietnam
Oh, we all feared the bomb
But we lived just fine

I was bright with numbers
But I loved cucumbers
and home-grown tomatoes
Picked fresh from the vine

On this particular Wednesday
I’m reflecting on life
How it was, how it’s getting to be
When everything changes
People have to adjust
But where does that leave you and me?
Whoa whoa whoa

Oh, our food is a mess now
Filled with HFCS now
And chemical additives
That can make you die

Should we go organic
Or go down like the Titanic
Then blame the mechanic
Or just wonder why?

Do you remember
Back on 12 September
We all felt helpless
’Cause the world was all wrong?

If we must, let’s fight them
Are there wrongs? Let’s right them
Long lost friends, invite them
Let’s not wait too long

(Repeat CHORUS)

In a blaze of glory
Thus I end my story
Please don’t ignore me
or declare me wrong

For in this existence
We will find resistance
We need persistence
This is Wednesday’s song (3x)

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