Kharlie M

The h is silent; the music isn’t.

Green Bay in the Summertime

Track #4 of Come On, Kharlie M

Written in 1991, this song is about our family trips to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where my wife grew up. The things mentioned in this song are what the locals know about; curiously there is no mention of cheese or the Packers.

Bay Beach is an amusement park run by the city. The carnival rides are cheap, so a family can stay all day without breaking the bank. There is also a wildlife sanctuary across the street from the park.

About the foods mentioned in verse 2:
Green Bay has a significant Belgian heritage population. Belgian trippe is a sausage made from pork, cabbage, and spices in a hog casing. Booyah is a hearty soup made with shredded chicken, tender vegetables and a rich broth; it is often sold at restaurants or at street corners.

There is also a significant Polish influence in Green Bay, hence the mention of Polska kielbasa, another popular sausage item.

The local store in verse 2 is none other than Seroogy’s, producer of fine chocolates since 1899.

Green Bay in the summertime
Can be glorious and sublime;
There’s lots of people and things to do —
It’s a fun place for me and you.

You’re such a wonderful wife, you see —
I love you, and I know you love me;
We got together, and then came Joe,
And now it’s me and Joe and Mommy Oh.

I’m as happy as a lark at Bay Beach park
And I’m singing hallelujah from daylight ’til dark —
Oh, I found a good wife — she’s as sharp as a knife,
And I know I’m gonna love her for the rest of my life.

Green Bay is an ethnic mix.
You never know what kind of food they’ll fix!
There’s something different for every taste —
And we don’t let it go to waste.

There’s Belgian trippe and chicken booyah,
Polska kielbasa — what’s it to ya?
Homemade candy from a local store
That keeps you coming back for more.


If you go there in the Yuletide,
It may be bitterly cold outside,
So grab your parka and stocking cap,
And just settle down for a long winter’s nap.

Jack, be nimble! Don’t stumble in the dark!
Jack, jump over Candlestick Park!
But I’m not going to San Francisco,
’Cause me and Joe and Mommy Oh are makin’ tracks for…

Green Bay in the summertime,
Where life is glorious and sublime;
There’s lots of places and things to see —
Green Bay is the place to be.

Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh ohhh —
Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh ohhh —
La la la, la la la, la la la la,
Green Bay in the summertime.
Once again — Green Bay in the summertime.

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