Kharlie M

The h is silent; the music isn’t.

The Wolf Song

Track #5 of Come On, Kharlie M

This song is about my brother-in-law who passed away in April of 2015. I started writing it in 2016 but only finished in June 2018, making it the newest song on the album.

Once there was a lone grey wolf
That wandered in the great north woods
Every month when the moon was full
He stared and howled more than anyone should
Oh, oh oh, oh oh

Now Wolf was cursed with a turbulent youth
His father died when he was fifteen
He longed for peace, but to tell you the truth
Trouble and fights were frequently seen

This is the tale of a man I once knew
He was my brother, oh oh
This is my story, oh oh
It’s the tale of the lone grey wolf

The owl — it was an omen to him
The sight of one put fear within
The eagle has the freedom to fly
But the lone grey wolf was destined to die
Oh, oh oh, oh oh

From his youthful years ’til the day that he died
His heart was filled with Native pride
Brotherhood and loyalty had great worth
Respect your elders and honor the earth

(Sing CHORUS twice)

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