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Music in 2012

Charlie’s First Scheduled Solo Performance is a Success

Sunday, May 13, 2012

That afternoon, I did three solo music gigs at Rock Haven, for their Mother's Day Social with the residents. I left the ukulele at home but took the keyboard along with the Behringer mic and the amp. Wendi and I met Carolyn Wagner on the main floor at 1:00. The three shows were as follows: 2nd floor, 1:15–1:45; 1st floor north, 2:00–2:30; 3rd floor south, 2:45–3:15. Everything went well; the residents loved it and the staff were impressed. Carolyn jokingly noted how nervous I had been before the performances; she told me that if I needed a reference to get a show at another venue, she would be glad to give one. She also said that if “Traveling Together” gets on a CD, she wants one. My songs are listed below:

“Today” and “Try to Remember” were new for me but familiar to most everyone. “Faith of Our Mothers” was done at Praise Time just last week.

Charlie and Wendi Do a Gig at the Senior Center

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wendi and I performed music for an hour this afternoon at the senior center. The few people there really enjoyed it :)
~ Posted at 7:22 p.m.

The event was called Splash of Art; there were crafted items on display and seven different music performances. The Riverside Ramblers were supposed to be on from 4:00 to 4:45 p.m. The band couldn’t be there, so we were chosen to take their place. They let us use their mics and sound system; I played the keyboard and sang, and Wendi joined me on anything she knew.

There are two lists of songs below; the first consists of music from the Ramblers songbooks, and the second is from my own collection of songs (we mixed the Ramblers songs into the program here and there).

Ramblers songs

Charlie’s music

Originals unless otherwise noted

Our program actually ran from 3:52 (started early) to 4:50 (ran late). Everyone enjoyed the music, especially the original songs. Pat Tobin told us to go ahead and play while they tore down (put chairs and stuff away).

See the Oo Kingdom Music Posts page for more on Charlie’s music in 2012.

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