Especially for Wendi Listening Party

December 21, 2023 at 7:00 PM CST

Join Kharlie M for a free listening party to celebrate the release of “Especially for Wendi.” You’ll be able to chat with the artist about the album and how it was made; you can also purchase the album as a download.

(This post originally included a link to the listening party, but that was removed later, as it was no longer valid.)

Listening Party Successful and Fun

December 21, 2023

Kharlie M hosted a Listening Party on Bandcamp at 7 pm CST this evening. Several people attended, and some chatted with Kharlie. It was fun, and folks enjoyed the music.

Next time, if there is a Listening Party for a future release, you will be better notified ahead of time; tonight’s event was pretty much a spur-of-the-moment event, created and announced just hours before it happened.