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SoundCloud write-up for Umm...

Charlie Petitt is a singer/songwriter from Janesville, Wisconsin. A devout Christian, for many years he sang mostly hymns, gospel songs and a few love songs, but recently he decided to enter the world of mainstream music.

Charlie's music includes slow songs and ballads, but on this debut CD he ventures into some rock and jazz, demonstrating new-found abilities in these genres as well. The words are straight from the heart and easy to hear and understand, thanks to his smooth, clear vocal style which is sort of a cross between James Taylor and Josh Groban. Several of the songs have catchy tunes, and listeners often report that they get "stuck in their heads," often to the point of singing them at weird times and places, so be forewarned!

Each song has its own story. "Wendi" was written for Charlie's wife at their wedding. "He's Not Here" was composed especially for a 2005 Easter Celebration service sponsored by a local church, where it was sung live before over 500 people. "Noxious Fumes," the only serious rocker on the album, was an experiment to see if Charlie could successfully compose a song about a breakup, though he has never experienced one firsthand. The song has received raves from most of the people who have heard it.

The title of this CD, "Umm..." is both mysterious and tantalizing, but it actually carries a double meaning. Along with an allusion to the variety of musical styles and subject matter, "Umm" is also a shortened form of "Ummamum" (say UMM-a-mum) which has been a family favorite since the year 2000. The Ummamum is a curious little fellow with black hair, a bright green face, and teeth that are forever sticking out over the lower lip. He is our ambassador of goodwill, the goofy guy that tries to cheer you up when bad times get you down. He is also the subject of track three, "I'm the Umm."

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