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June 20, 2016

Kharlie M played on Saturday (June 18) at the 1st annual WADR Block Party at the Lower Courthouse Park in Janesville, Wisconsin. WADR (103.5 FM) is Janesville Community Radio, a low-power FM broadcast station. Kharlie’s song, “Minnesota Highway,” has been played on a program called “In the Stratosphere” with Derek Schyvinck. The show airs on Thursdays at 9 pm and features a variety of local artists. Several local bands/artists performed at this event:

December 19, 2015

I just discovered some sheet music in an old manila folder. It’s a Christmas carol I wrote back in 1987! I have made it available here for download:

PDF format, 1.68 MB
JPG image format, 2.35 MB (2550 × 3274 pixels)

November 24, 2015

Kharlie just released his first new song on Bandcamp since assuming the name Kharlie M in October of 2014. It’s a fun little ditty called “The Child in You.” The lyrics represent the true heart of Kharlie M. The arrangement is upbeat, featuring a baritone ukulele, a concert ukulele tuned like a tenor guitar, and a virtual bass.

Kharlie’s older music remains on Bandcamp for you to enjoy as well.

November 2, 2015

This site has been redesigned and given a face lift; it is also now mobile-friendly. I have a new YouTube channel which is linked above (red and white arrow thingy). I have updated the Upcoming Releases page and tweaked a few other pages a bit. Eight new photos appear in the Gallery. (NOTE: the Upcoming Releases page is no longer available.)

At long last, I have music videos! Three new ones were uploaded to YouTube in October of 2015. Find them at my YouTube channel. ~ Kharlie

Recent Shows

The Pancake Riot CD release party (September 26, 2015) went off well. Kharlie M opened with a few songs on the baritone ukulele, then The Apollo Affair played a set. Pancake Riot sounded great as usual; quite a few people bought their CD. Check them out at their Bandcamp page.

Ken Wagman hosted the Fall Clear Lake Jam near Milton, WI (October 10, 2015), and a great time was had by all. It was an open-air jam in gorgeous weather. The sunset was spectacular! Performers included Kharlie M, The Fur Trade, David Lawrence, The Apollo Affair, Rob Allen and Jennifer Ruse, and Pancake Riot; Ken Wagman played a little too. There were even colored lights and a fog machine!

The Dunkin Fall Festival (October 28, 2015) at Dunkin’ Donuts (2121 Milton Ave, Janesville, WI) was a fun show. Kharlie M kicked it off with a set of 11 songs, using three different instruments as accompaniment. After him was Clouds As Mountains (Jeff Robichaud). Victoria Pearl and Mackenzie Benish finished the evening; they did some songs together and some individually.