The Mmming Report. It’s Kharlie M, Still Hummin’ Along

Issue #47 — Friday, March 1, 2024

Kharlie M is Still Active

Please excuse the lack of activity on this site. Winter can be difficult, and I’m still often feeling weak and tired, possibly yet from post-COVID. In addition, I’m busy with catching up on various “business” things, as I let some things go during my downtime.

That said, I’ve been working on the next album, Songs in the Key of M. There’s a nice remake of “I’m Not Stopping” that’s nearly finished, with better audio and also a drum track, which the old version didn’t have. “I’m the Umm” is getting a new chord or two and one or two extra instruments. Writing extra instrument parts and an interlude for “Coffee” is a load of fun.

In addition, I’m still playing the open mic at Mocha Moment whenever I can, which is always fun too.

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