The Mmming Report. It’s Kharlie M, Still Hummin’ Along

Issue #39 — Thursday, June 23, 2022

Website Updates Complete (for Now)

I’ve updated the Coffee section of, adding more recipes. Look them over and try them if you like!

A new page has appeared in the Newsletter section of It’s called Oo Kingdom Music Posts. The links go to detailed posts on our family site, The Oo Kingdom, and the posts are about my music. There are posts for most years going back to 2005. Many of those pages were recently added to bring The Oo Kingdom up to date.

In addition, there’s a new Pre-Kharlie section inside the Newsletter section; this deals with the early beginnings of my music, up to when I took the stage name Kharlie M (October 4, 2014). The posts are different from the ones on The Oo Kingdom (I can do that, since I manage both sites).

These are interesting and fun to read; they also provide good insight into what makes me tick as a musician (and as a person). Enjoy.

New Albums in the Works… and a Choice to Make

Currently, I’m working on a remake of the Wedding Day album. The original four songs have already been remixed and remastered, but three new tracks will be added. The title will change as well.

Once that is completed, I have enough original songs for three more albums. I’ve played most of these a lot over the years, so you may recognize some of the titles. I have them arranged by category (sort of): some are bright, mostly happy songs; some are darker and sadder; and others are love songs. The tentative track listings appear below.

Songs in the Key of M

  1. Go Ask Your Mom
  2. November
  3. Coffee
  4. Practice
  5. The Little Mmm Guy
  6. This Old Planet
  7. Don’t Get in the Middle
  8. Unfinished
  9. All Over
  10. and possibly one more, a surprise!

From the Very Heart

  1. From the Very Heart
  2. Best Messed Up Life
  3. Unnecessary Roughness
  4. Northwest Wind
  5. Emerald Sunrise
  6. Mmming Again
  7. My Hometown
  8. Thorns and Blossoms
  9. So Alone
  10. Desperate Times

To Wendi With Love

  1. Oh No! Not This Again
  2. My Place
  3. Sweet Love
  4. Wendi, I Love You
  5. Wendi M-M-M
  6. Love Song for Christmas (1982)
  7. New Year Song (1990)
  8. Wanda Oh
  9. Curses
  10. More Than Just Fluff
  11. Traveling Together
  12. Until That Day Comes

While I plan to record all of these in the coming months (or couple of years), I’m unsure which to do first… so I’m asking you to help me decide. Please contact me via email, or via Messenger or text if you have that info. Help steer Kharlie M in the right direction!

Wendi’s Health Declines; We Need a New Van

My wife, Wendi, is now unable to walk more than a few steps; she is basically wheelchair bound. She was approved to get an electric wheelchair, but insurance doesn’t cover a wheelchair accessible van. A friend started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money toward the purchase of a new van. Please contribute if you can. We’re also exploring additional funding options.

Prone to Sorrow Drops Debut Album

I normally don’t report on other bands’ music anymore, but I’m making an exception here. Prone to Sorrow, the duo of Mackenzie Benish and Victoria Pearl, just dropped their first album entitled Subtle Observations on June 17, and it’s a doozy! They will have it at the Janesville Farmers Market on June 25; you can also download it at Bandcamp. Find the link on their official website,

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