The Mmming Report. It’s Kharlie M, Still Hummin’ Along

Issue #38 — Thursday, April 28, 2022

Website Upgraded to Version 3.4

This was mainly a tweak: codes for special characters (punctuation) were swapped out for the actual characters, one set of HTML tags was eliminated, and minor updates were made to some pages. The font was changed to Charter, and top-level (H1) headings are now italicized.

The Locals page was dropped, as all of the artists are now either well-established and promoting themselves well, or are no longer active.

One new subsection has been added: a Pre-Kharlie history of Charlie’s music, from the early days through 2014.

A similar upgrade has been done on the family website, The Oo Kingdom.

Now that the website upgrades are complete, new music will soon be recorded. Well, the music isn’t actually new anymore; these are original songs that have yet to be recorded.

Kharlie M Plays at Exclusive

The Exclusive Company, the only record store in Janesville, closed on April 23. They had a “Farewell Party” on Saturday, April 16, when five acts performed: Candace Griffin, Kat and the Hurricane, Kharlie M, Matthew Buckley, and Elmer and the Ceramic Trees. This was Kharlie’s first in-person public show since 2019, with the exception of a few open mic sets. His set of 12 songs, played on an electric tenor ukulele, were enjoyed by all.

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