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Issue #26 — Thursday, March 8, 2018

Illness Slows Production

Work continues on Come On, Kharlie M, though it’s moving quite slowly. The full version of “Loving 101” was just released on Wednesday; another song is nearly finished, and two others are finished as well. Three songs are in various stages of completion, and one isn’t started yet. I’ve also started remixing the 2007 Umm… album (which will be released under a new title); so far, “Wendi” is the only song finished. These two albums will likely be released together; the release date will be announced when the work is completed.

Listen to Kharlie’s latest on Bandcamp.

I had a severe cold in February, then was well for eight days before getting another one. Vocal recording doesn’t happen during this time, so I must focus on recording instruments, editing, and mixing. So the work is moving forward, just not as quickly as planned. Still, it’s an exciting time for Kharlie M!

Other Band News

Mysterybox album cover

Mystery Mirrors has a new album on Bandcamp entitled Mysterybox Demos: 2014-2017. Release date was February 27, 2018; at this writing there are 22 tracks. I sampled a few of these; they are quite mesmerizing! And some of the tunes are familiar: for example, track 12, “Daydream Sonata for Casio PT-1,” is part of the song “Losing.”

Candace Griffin is recording a new 8-track album at Gemini Music Studios in Janesville. I wonder if it will be available on 8-track?

The Fur Trade has a new music video, “Away Away,” released on February 24, 2018. The music is great, and the video is cool, but if you have epilepsy, you may want to look away; there are a lot of flashing colors!

Prone to Sorrow recently added a website address to their Facebook page; it’s their Bandcamp page which apparently has been up for over a year. Two songs are currently posted: an original entitled “From Here” and a cover of “Ring of Fire.” I’ve added the link to the Local page on, along with their official website.

Prone to Sorrow picture

There was an anniversary show at Down the Street (965 S Jackson St) in Janesville on February 16. Performers included Party Marty, Prone to Sorrow, Candace Griffin, and Mystery Mirrors.

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