The Mmming Report: Local Music News from Kharlie M

Issue #25 — Friday, February 9, 2018

Evolution is Slow

Kharlie M is still working on Come On, Kharlie M which will be his first album released since assuming the stage name in 2014. So far two songs are finished: the title track (just 33 seconds long) and “Minnesota Highway,” which has gotten a minor makeover. “Loving 101” and “Finally Got It Going On” have both been released incomplete on Bandcamp, as “acoustic” tracks. Several more songs remain; some recording has been done on a few of them.

All that said, the process is taking some time to complete. Life goes on with all of its complexities, and many other things must be done before music. The write-up on Bandcamp says, “Watch this album evolve!” Of course evolution takes time. Hopefully in this case, it won’t be thousands or millions of years.

WADR Sponsors Show at JPAC

In the Stratosphere LIVE
Thursday, January 15 from 7 to 10 pm
Janesville Performing Arts Center
408 S. Main St., Janesville, WI
Cost: $15.00. Tickets available at JPAC Box Office, Gemini Music Studios, WADR, and Knapton Music Knotes.

Sponsored by WADR 103.5 FM and Gemini Music Studios. Performers will include Gas Can Alley, The Red Flags, Mystery Mirrors, Sophie Story, From the Wreckage, Michael Stricklen, Pancake Riot, Kat and the Hurricane, Candace Griffin, Shy Broz Band, Ken Wagman, Becca Tracey, The Fur Trade, Caterson Damon, and more.

Other Band News

Kat and the Hurricane now includes two members: Kat (of course) and Ben Coakley, who plays keyboard and sings backup vocals. They played well at the Open Mic on Wednesday, February 7.

Kat (still solo at the time) opened for My Friend Monty at The Rock House in Glenview, Illinois on February 1.

Correction from last month: I reported in January that Prone to Sorrow has a GoFundMe page to raise money to produce an album and do some other things. This was correct, but the amount of money raised was reported incorrectly at $1,800. The correct amount raised at that time was $200; the $1,800 was what remained toward their goal of $2,000. Looking at the page now (11:12 pm on February 8) the fund is up to $483. They could really use some help at this point!

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