The Mmming Report: News of Kharlie M and Other Local Musicians

Issue #4 — Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Exclusive Show a Splendid Success

Mystery Mirrors

Mystery Mirrors (Jesse Ramirez) wowed us with his electric guitar and cool effects.

Kat and the Hurricane, Mystery Mirrors, Prone to Sorrow, and Candace Griffin played a fabulous show at The Exclusive Company in Janesville, WI on Saturday, October 22 from 6 to 8 pm. Candace, who used to live in Janesville, was up from Tennessee, so it was sort of like a reunion for some. Prone to Sorrow (Mackenzie Benish and Victoria Pearl) had some new songs, as well as a sing-along, “You Are My Sunshine.” Kat and Candace played several songs together. At the end, all five performers joined in a cover of “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart.

Prone to Sorrow provided the sound equipment for the show and also shot some great video of some of the performances; you can find those at their Facebook page.

Candace with Prone to Sorrow

Candace (left) joins Prone to Sorrow for one song, with Mackenzie at the guitar.

Staycation is Busy, Productive, Fun

I was on vacation from work for two weeks, from October 9-22, but Wendi and I didn’t go anywhere. The time was filled with appointments, especially the first week. But I managed to get a nice “new” used lawn mower, mow the lawn (which hadn’t been mown for a very long time), and do a lot of weeding. I also spent a lot of time redesigning the websites, and The Oo Kingdom (format changes in this newsletter reflect some of my work). In addition, we enjoyed a few meals out and several fine meals at home, and we got to play some games on Wii Sports Resort. Wendi saw improvements in her shoulder, both in range of motion and strength. Though the two weeks were insanely busy, they provided some needed renewal.

Musically, I played at the open mic on October 19 and attended the show on October 22, and I ordered a pickup online so my concert and baritone ukes can be plugged in.

Here, Drink This

Spiced Mocha

Try the Kharlie M Special, a delicious spiced mocha. Follow the home recipe at, or ask the barista at your favorite coffee shop to add a dash of cinnamon and a smaller dash of nutmeg to an ordinary mocha. Seth at Mocha Moment made me a dandy Kharlie M at the last open mic!

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