…with a silent “h”

Especially for Wendi

Composer and Performer: Charles Dwain Petitt
Record Label: Ummamum Music
Release date: December 20, 2023

Especially for Wendi cover

Kharlie’s most ambitious project to date, it includes love songs written for his wife, Wendi, over more than four decades. Not all of the songs are deeply romantic, though; a few are actually funny!

Track Listing

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  1. Oh No! Not This Again (2:47)
  2. Traveling Together (3:10)
  3. My Place (4:25)
  4. When I’m Away (4:22)
  5. Sweet Love (2:20)
  6. Darling, I Love You (2:16)
  7. Wanda Oh (4:03)
  8. Thank You for My Wife (3:51)
  9. Wendi MMM (3:34)
  10. Curses (2:54)
  11. Love Song for Christmas (1:52)
  12. Wendi (3:09)
  13. New Year Song (2:30)
  14. Hopelessly in Love (4:24)
  15. More Than Just Fluff (2:51)
  16. Lady Fair (4:36)
  17. Until That Day Comes (4:08)

Total Playing Time 57:51

Liner Notes

This album is dedicated to my wife of 41 years, Wendi Marie Petitt. She is my soulmate, my sweetheart, and the mother of our son, Joe. She is also a warrior, suffering from Huntington’s Disease, a genetic neurological disorder for which there is no cure.

Wendi’s given name was Wanda; she had it legally changed in 1993. The song “Wanda Oh” was recorded in 1985, so her given name is used in that song.

Tracks 4, 8, 12, and 14 first appeared on the album “Umm...” released in 2007, but the audio and a few parts have been revised for this album.

My hope is that the music and its variety will appeal to listeners of all ages, not just those deeply in love.