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The h is silent; the music isn’t.

Local Music Links

Updated November 11, 2018

This list is by no means exhaustive. It is only Kharlie’s inner circle of influence.

Where to Listen

On the radio and at the coffee shop

In the Stratosphere

Thursdays from 9 to 10 pm on Janesville Community Radio, WADR 103.5 FM, this show takes a look at the local music scene in Rock County, Wisconsin. Also available online at this link (there are links to mobile apps also).

Open Mic at Mocha Moment

Open Mic every first and third Wednesday of the month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Sign up starts at 6:00. Musicians of all types are welcome to join us for the open mic.

Mocha Moment
1121 Center Avenue
Janesville, Wisconsin

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More Local Musicians

In no particular order

Most of these got their start at the open mic mentioned above. Each writes his or her own music as well as doing cover songs.

Candace Griffin

Candace has been around; originally from Alabama, she lived in Tennessee for a while but now resides in Wisconsin. She has a smooth voice, a guitar, and a lot of feelings.

Candace on Facebook
Candace on Bandcamp

Kat and the Hurricane

This duo, Kat Farnsworth (guitar, bass, vocals) and Ben Coakley (keyboard, guitar, vocals) has a distinctive, intensely sad sound. Both are very talented. Both are LGBTQ; their music and appearance evoke this.

Kat on Facebook
Kat on Bandcamp


Jennifer Ruse has a solid contralto voice, an edgy but smooth vocal style, and conversational lyrics.

Jennifer on Facebook
Jennifer on Bandcamp

Elmer and the Ceramic Trees

Solo project of Robbie Haas. An alt-rocker with a commanding baritone voice. Great lyricist as well.

Robbie on Facebook
Robbie on Bandcamp

Pancake Riot

Established in November, 2013 with eight members, this acoustic folk-rock band was reinvented as a trio of Candace Griffin, Kat Farnsworth, and Robbie Haas. Their award-winning music is often featured on WADR radio.

PR on Facebook
PR on Bandcamp

Prone to Sorrow

Duo of Mackenzie Benish and Victoria Pearl (Vicky Kolego). Fun folk-rock music with great lyrics and harmonies. Established in May, 2016, they have already played shows in several cities. They each do solo work as well.

PtS official website
PtS on Facebook
PtS on Bandcamp
Mackenzie on Bandcamp

Ken Wagman

In addition to hosting the Open Mic at Mocha Moment from 2012 until 2017, Ken is an amazing guitar player. He has played for bands including Xylem and Days of Awe and has also provided background for some of the other musicians listed here.

Ken on YouTube

Mystery Mirrors

Originally the solo project of Jesse Ramirez, who is a schoolteacher by day (Mister Ramirez, get it?). The band now includes four members. His songs have a lively vibe and well-written lyrics; his music combines old and new styles of folk-rock.

MM on Facebook
MM on Bandcamp

Clouds as Mountains

Solo project of Jeff Robichaud. Style is gentle, heartfelt folk-rock. Jeff plays guitar, ukulele, and mandolin.

Jeff on Facebook
Jeff on Bandcamp

The Fur Trade

Solo project of Danial Monson-Bergum, who also records and mixes music in his home studio called The Outpost.

Danial on Facebook
Danial on Bandcamp

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