Kharlie M

The h is silent; the music isn’t.

New Production Underway

The recent “Yanny or Laurel” clip that went viral, illustrates clearly how we hear things differently depending on our ears, our brains, and playback equipment. It also explains my frustration when my recent music mixes didn’t sound right on some devices.

I’ve revised my whole process with emphasis on tone and dynamics. The new mixes will sound cleaner and more vivid, hopefully to be enjoyed by many people and on a wide variety of playback equipment.

Two Albums to Drop in July

Cover art

The date is Friday, July 13. The place is Voigt Music Center, 34 South Main Street in Janesville. I (Kharlie M) will play a 90-minute set using several different instruments, and two albums will be released: Come On, Kharlie M and Umm… It’s Me. The latter was released in 2007 as simply Umm… but the recordings are being “freshened up” to bring them into 2018.

At right: Official cover art for Umm… It’s Me. Photo by Wendi Petitt, July 2007.

(Read more in the May 17 newsletter.)

Visit Kharlie’s Bandcamp page to hear older releases.

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