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The h is silent; the music isn’t.

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Come On, Kharlie M

Kharlie’s first “official” album was released on Bandcamp on July 13, 2018 and elsewhere after that.

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COKM Gets Raves

Kharlie’s new album, Come On, Kharlie M, is receiving a lot of positive feedback from listeners; some have purchased either the physical album or a download, and some have merely listened to it. People have said they liked the vocals, the melodies, the overall musicianship, and even the audio quality. Favorite tracks include “Minnesota Highway,” “The Passing of Time,” and “Wednesday’s Song.” If you haven’t heard the album yet, head over to where you can listen on your platform of choice.

Time to Say Goodbye

After just over two years of The Mmming Report, I’ve decided to discontinue the monthly newsletter. Those of you on my mailing list will continue to receive news of Kharlie M as it occurs: upcoming shows, album releases, and the like. The emails will not be too frequent, and sometimes there may be a long time between them, but I will not leave you “in the dark.”

There are two reasons for this change:

  1. Our family is going through a major change, one that hopefully will benefit all of us, but for now it means that I will be very busy during the transition. My musical endeavors will continue, though the timeframe and structure of upcoming albums will likely change.

  2. The other bands I’ve been reporting on have evolved, and I feel like I am expending too much of my energy in what amounts to free advertising at the expense of practicing, performing, and recording my own music. The many positive responses to Come On, Kharlie M encourage me to make more albums, and I need to focus so I can make this happen. I will continue to support my fellow musicians and will keep the links on the Local page of so people can find other local talent.

(Read more in the October 17 newsletter.)

Visit Kharlie’s Bandcamp page to hear older releases.

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