Kharlie M

The h is silent; the music isn’t.

Photo by David Lawrence

Kharlie M (with a silent h) is the stage name of Charlie Petitt, a folk singer-songwriter from Janesville, Wisconsin. Described as a “folk crooner,” Kharlie lends his clear but mellow voice to a variety of genres, including folk, country, light rock, and even children’s songs. Some of his original songs are bluegrass-inspired, while others have a splash of jazz or take on a classical spin. His repertoire includes songs about life and love, hymns and gospel songs, and a few silly songs.

Kharlie performs regularly at the Open Mic Night held twice monthly at Mocha Moment, a coffeehouse on Janesville’s south side. He also plays and sings once a month at Rock Haven nursing home with a church group.

Visit Kharlie’s Bandcamp page to hear older releases.

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Pardon the Mess

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Kharlie’s One-Song Surprise

Kharlie at guitar

Photo by Jennifer Ruse

Going to an open mic on a cold winter’s night is apparently not most people’s cup of tea; the event at Mocha Moment on January 4 was sparsely attended. Ken, Mark, Jesse, and Jennifer were the only regular performers. I had already told two people I would be there, so I showed up, unprepared and with no instrument, just to listen. Jennifer Ruse loaned me her guitar, and I played the only song I know on guitar: “Windows Have Pains” by Marty Robbins, an old country music artist. I had never played a guitar in public before, but it went well: I nailed all four chords and the vocal, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I am currently rebuilding both and and will relaunch them shortly; you will probably receive a brief email when goes live. More Web content will follow, and new recordings after that.

Album Release Show Set for January 21

Album art

Maps of Outer Space, the latest album by Elmer and the Ceramic Trees, was released on Bandcamp on Thursday, December 15, 2016. This collection is otherworldly, ethereal, with great production and deep lyrics. Some of the songs have strong beats that suggest dancing, while others are flowing and reflective. Songs include “Wilderness” (one of my personal favorites) and “Everyone’s Afraid These Days,” which he has performed live. “View from a Beach” and “To Dream is Just as Good” were previously released online as singles.

A release show is planned at Exclusive Company, 1259 Milton Avenue in Janesville, Wisconsin, on Saturday, January 21 at 6 pm. Guest performers will include The Fur Trade and Kat and the Hurricane.

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